311 West 43rd Street - New York

A cozy and lively space in the middle of the city. The space is welcoming and feels like you’re on the beach in Montauk. There’s a beautiful staircase connecting the 12th and 13th floor and little moments of beachy happiness as you meander through the maze of offices.

Aventine - San Diego

One of the most friendly WeWork experiences in Southern California. The Aventine building isn’t in the hippest neighborhood, but it' has some good in-house perks.

200 Spectrum Center - Irvine

If you’re a Wes Andersen fan, this location is for you. All of lobbies showcase images and illustrations from The Grand Budapest Hotel and provide little bits of humor. Yes, this location is part of a massive corporate business park, but they’ve managed to include outdoor space in the front of the building for their tenants. They even have heat lamps for the chilly Orange County nights (does that exist?).

177 E Colorado - Pasadena

It’s all about outer space! Pasadena is home to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the WeWork has included some subtle design details to liven up their mission.

Mariano Escobedo 595 - Mexico City

This is one of the largest spaces open spaces and the community managers are amazing and incredibly helpful.

The floor to ceiling windows along the entire front side of the space creates a calmness and a beautiful view of the enclosed backyard patio. There are tropical plants everywhere, including poinsettias on each hot desk table from the holiday season. The space is buzzing at meals but remains quiet throughout the day.

Aldwych House - London

The Aldwych House feels like a breath of fresh air and is the best space to settle after a sleepless red-eye flight from the states. It has a massive and open floor plan with oversized windows showcasing the bustling streets of London. I can't help but giggle to myself when the double decker red buses whiz by (every 3 seconds!). 

The interiors are sprinkled with motivational neon signs and the walls are softly accented with abstract shapes in a muted, earth tone palette. The furniture and pillows are also incredibly comfortable!

If the windows aren't enough energy to jumpstart your workday, the Aldwych House has a Prayer/Meditation room on the garden level with an oversized couch, pillows, and a privacy screen. It's the perfect space for a power nap. This is also one of the few WeWorks with an accessible roof deck for members. Stunning views of the city and the historic architectural gems.

West 57 - New York

You'll be rockin' and rollin' as you stroll into the West 57th Street WeWork in Midtown, Manhattan. The flamingo, pink, neon sign welcomes you on the main floor and the leafy green backdrop is full of surprises. Double points if you find the chatty monkey hanging from the vines!

The interiors are peppered with stunning, abstract patterns that are subtly paired with classic forms from the Rock'n Roll era. If you're lucky, you'll book a conference room with art featuring the King of Rock'n Roll. 

West 57th even has a tap containing cold brew! But, I've heard, it goes fast.


Custom House - Portland

Working in the Custom House in Portland, Oregon is a truly unique and special experience for native Oregonians. Back in the early 2000's as the Pearl District was finding it's identity, industrial warehouses were quickly converting into residential lofts, creative agencies were setting up shop, and restaurants and breweries were hopping. Everything was transforming, with the exception of the Custom House. 

For years, we all speculated if the Custom House would become a trendy hotel, a school, or maybe even an artist space. How could this beautiful, Italian Renaissance Revival building stand vacant for decades? Then, in 2017, something magical happened. WeWork moved in.

As you walk into the open courtyard from the Park Blocks, you feel as if you're walking into the late 19th century. Once inside, an elegant, curved staircase greets you from the lobby and zigzags both to the left and right as it ascends up four floors. It would be the perfect "Prom Photo" staircase.

The Custom House is on the Historic Registry, so many of the original materials and ornamentation of the building are still in tact. Even the bathrooms feel historic! WeWork also kept the original vaults and transformed them into cozy phone booths and meeting spaces. Yes, the phonebooths are windowless and don't have the best air circulation, but it's a cool ice breaker when you explain to your client that you're taking the call from a vault! Brownie points if you can locate the vault with the over-sized, napping sleeping bag. 

Cool Fact: The Custom House was on TV! The TV show, Grimm, used the exterior of the building for their "Portland Police Precinct".



Pioneer Place - Portland

I never thought I would be going to work in the shopping mall where I spent most of my teenage years! WeWork opened their brilliant new space last year on the top floor of the 3-story shopping mall in heart of downtown Portland. 

Before I go into the details of the space, I have to boast about the Community Team. Hannah, Cody, and Marianne. They could easily be defined as WeWork's dream team and they work their @sses off to make the community shine. Their creativity and positive energy is contagious and they've crafted the coolest and most welcoming vibe. 



Insurgentes 601 - Mexico City

WeWork Insurgentes 601 wasn't on my radar until I arrived at my airbnb in Mexico City and discovered that it was a few blocks away. Insurgentes 601 had just opened and it was buzzing! I couldn't help but feel energized by the endless chatter of members and guests, business meetings (out in the open!), and friends and colleagues reuniting after a few days apart. All of the couches, tables, and chairs were occupied by 9.30am and the line was out the door to sign in. 

There was never a dull moment in the common space and the Community Managers were so welcoming. Insurgentes 601 has a full espresso bar with delicious pastries and the most beautiful rooftop. During the day, I would hop back and forth between the indoor hot desks and the rooftop hammock chairs.


Reforma Latino - Mexico City

Welcome to the tallest WeWork in the World (as of February 2018)! Towering 42 Floors above the bustling city, there's an ease and calmness to Reforma Latina. The space boasts a full 360 view and the floor-to-ceiling windows make you feel like you're soaring through the air.


Euljiro - Seoul

Everything about the Euljiro WeWork made me smile. The main floor is full of sunlight and is designed with a neutral (yet inviting) color palette. The hot desks are nestled next to the expansive windows, which showcase stunning views of the historic Myeong-dong Cathedral. The level of hospitality shared by the Community Managers in Seoul is beyond amazing. They welcomed me with open arms and more than enough neighborhood restaurant recommendations.

If you're exhausted from an early morning call or a delicious (and filling) lunch of Korean BBQ, there are oversized hammocks tucked into a quiet corner on every floor waiting for you. They're quite popular and it was rare for me to find one that wasn't occupied.

After your quick cat nap in the hammock, how about a quick round of virtual golf with your client or a friendly game of darts in the arcade?   


Dumbo Heights - Brooklyn

Home sweet home. Dumbo has always been one of my favorite neighborhoods in New York and I had always dreamed of the day where my office would be surrounded by industrial buildings, cobblestone streets, and stunning waterfront views. There are so many hidden gems in this historic neighborhood, and one of my favorites is the Dumbo Heights WeWork.

The Dumbo Heights WeWork is unique in many ways. This is the only WeWork in the world with two buildings, connected by a sky bridge. As you walk from building to building, I encourage you to peer out the windows in the sky bridge over Prospect Street. It's an exhilarating feeling to be suspended seven floors above the busy street below! It's also one of the few buildings in the states with an in-house Barista! Renee, our fearless, caffeinated leader, is the nucleus of the community and lights up the space with her positive vibes and rockstar smile. She knows everyone by name and will make your stress float away with her tasty almond milk lattes.

Finally, the rooftop is officially open! You can soak in the spectacular views of all the bridges, the city, and beyond. 



Power + Light - Portland

What's more exciting than celebrating the opening week of a brand spank'n new WeWork in Portland, Oregon?! A brilliantly blue, suspended piece of art that greets you as you walk out of the elevators. The neon light is the centerpiece of the room and pays homage to the rich history of the century-old building.

The Power + Light Building has been listed on the National Historic Register and back in the day, it was the main power station to keep Portland illuminated. The building has gone through extensive renovations, however, there are a few details from the original 1920's design that have been untouched (the bathrooms!).  

The Power + Light Building includes a gym with showers and towel service, which works out well for those who want to bike or run. My favorite perk of the building invites you to climb a single set of stairs from the common space up to the fully-furnished roof deck. The top of the building boasts stunning views of the west hills and downtown Portland and is surrounded by lavender on the permitter. They also keep bees up on the roof (but they won't sting you!)