Power + Light - Portland

What's more exciting than celebrating the opening week of a brand spank'n new WeWork in Portland, Oregon?! A brilliantly blue, suspended piece of art that greets you as you walk out of the elevators. The neon light is the centerpiece of the room and pays homage to the rich history of the century-old building.

The Power + Light Building has been listed on the National Historic Register and back in the day, it was the main power station to keep Portland illuminated. The building has gone through extensive renovations, however, there are a few details from the original 1920's design that have been untouched (the bathrooms!).  

The Power + Light Building includes a gym with showers and towel service, which works out well for those who want to bike or run. My favorite perk of the building invites you to climb a single set of stairs from the common space up to the fully-furnished roof deck. The top of the building boasts stunning views of the west hills and downtown Portland and is surrounded by lavender on the permitter. They also keep bees up on the roof (but they won't sting you!)